An Employer Brand that Resonates

We worked with a fintech company based in Vienna that specializes in making the crypto world more accessible and transparent. As a team of 39 highly skilled and dedicated employees, they had recently raised a seed round and were looking to expand their team with top talent. They approached us for consulting on their employer branding to make their company even more attractive to a diverse pool of potential employees. By working with this fintech company, we helped them showcase their unique culture and values, and position themselves as an employer of choice in the competitive fintech industry.


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The Story

According to LinkedIn research, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job. This is why they sought to develop a clear strategy for positioning themselves as an attractive employer for top talent. At the time of this project, this Fintech company had approximately 20-25% female employees, and wanted to showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the male-dominated crypto industry. In fact, one study in 2019 found that of all the people working in the crypto industry only 6% are women, highlighting the urgent need for companies to prioritize diversity and inclusion in their hiring efforts.

The Goal: Define a Employer Value Proposition

As a highly international team, they wanted to showcase the diversity of their team and highlight the top benefits mentioned by their employees. We worked with their team to define their employer value proposition and create a clear strategy for sharing their unique culture and benefits on social media and career page. By highlighting their diverse team and employee-focused benefits, this client was able to differentiate themselves from competitors and showcase what makes their company a great place to work.

The Solution: Showing vs. Telling

To begin our project, we held an internal workshop to identify the unique aspects of working at the company and the benefits that employees value most. This information was used to develop a compelling employer value proposition that reflected the company’s culture and values.

Next, we conducted external research to understand how potential candidates perceive this company as an employer. Our findings showed that there was a mismatch between the company’s internal perception and external perception, with the website not clearly communicating the benefits and culture of working there. This was a problem, as research shows that it takes up to 7-8 touchpoints with a brand for a candidate to take action, such as applying for a job.

To address this issue, we helped them create a new employer branding strategy that focused on employee storytelling and highlighted the company’s commitment to flexibility and transparency. This included updating their careers page and social media content to better showcase the benefits of working there. By aligning their internal and external perception, this fintech company was able to position themselves as an employer of choice and attract top talent in the competitive fintech industry.

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